Bengkung stone beach is a beach with rocks that stretches formed a line barricade. These rocks will break big waves at the seashore. Quite often water-borne waves trapped inside the hollow reef resulting in a natural saltwater pool that is safe for swimming.

In Pantai Batu Bengkung, dolaners can walk the street, take pictures ria photo or even just relax in the hut hut which has been pr
ovided at the seashore as a shelter. For those who like a challenge dolaners, dolaners can also climb the rock bengkung. Must maintain a balance and super careful if dolaners do this activity because it has not been provided in the rock climbing terrain is. Instead, dolaners could use a slap strap tied as a tool for roughing to the summit. After reaching the summit, dolaners will be pampered with the full expanse of the open sea with the waves with a height of 4 meters himgga. Not only that, this hill is the best spot to watch the sunset.

For dolaners who do not have the courage to climb, dolaners can watch the sunset at the seashore. When the golden time arrives, the sea water will recede Pantai Batu Bengkung so barricade coral shore will look very clear. The barricade is a very nice coral dolaners use as foreground pictures with background the open sea and the sun at the golden time.

Soon dolaners can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, surving and other water attractions in Batu Bengkung because of the current poor district government in collaboration with forestry plans to develop beach tourism bengkung raw. To achieve this goal, the government asked local residents to help maintain the cleanliness and beauty of Batu Bengkung. No wonder if after dusk local residents will clean up the garbage left by visitors and then burn it
Gua Rancang Kencono Gunung Kidul Jogja cave is one of a cluster of caves location in Gunung Kidul. This area is a lot of hidden caves and rare in humans touched many offer panoramic exceptional. Gua Rancang Kencono have privileges in the form of a large room which has an area of ​​approximately 20m x 20m and a height of about 12 meters which is often used as event gatherings, camping and others. Passable room was not dark because sunlight can still enter this place. Gua Rancang Kencono is not enough to have ornaments, only a few are hanging stalactite ceiling in this cave that makes this cave makes it easy for visitors to engage in this location.
According to the book "legends and culture village Bleberan" which was published by the government hamlet Bleberan which tells the cave was discovered in 1720, at that time several army Mataram kingdom which escaped and two were soldiers named Kyai Putu Linggo Bowo and Kyai Soreng Pati find a beautiful cave this to be a place to rest.
The soldier Mataram often hold a meeting in this place to strategize an attack. Therefore, the place is called Gua Rancang Kencono which means designing an action that is good and noble.
In the cave there is also a room measuring approximately 3 × 3 which reputedly used as a place to do penance or so-called fighters imprisoned in the morning to get a clue as to what needs to be done to fight the invaders at that time.
After the war ended, the cave is not used anymore and terbiarkan granted. Over time there is a sense aware of the local society to reorganize and restructure this cave and make that place where historical tourism which became the pride of Gunung Kidul district.
Location Goa Design Kencono or many are familiar with the name Cave Design Kencana berletakan in Padukuhan Menggoran Village Bleberan Playen Subdistrict, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. With the GPS coordinates for the location of Goa Design Kencono S7 ° 56 '56.71 "E110 ° 29' 33.61".
These Goa Towards Design Kencono of Jogja:

Yogyakarta - The road to Wonosari - Through Piyungan - Hill / Mount Patuk or Bukit Bintang - Sambipitu - green light east airfield Air Force Ivory turn right take the direction Playen - Traffic Light south Market Playen turn right a few meters then south towards Paliyan - Pertigaan right onto Village Dengok (see nameplate directions to tourist sites) - PHC Playen 2 - Pertigaan to the right towards the area Padukuhan Menggoran - Location Gua Rancang Kencono
Ticket price
Admission price is quite cheap just Rp.3.000, - per person and already includes a ticket to enter the waterfall Sri getuk within approximately 1 km from Gua Rancang Kencono
Facilities that can be enjoyed in this area include: the campsite can diperguinakan for different types of activities. In addition to camping enthusiasts or lovers, you usually contact the village government to use the venue Bleberan